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FS: UK. TDL T-Line 3's + Tweeters

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Two sales here.
A pair of the T-Line tweeters. New but with crease where the mesh jumped up and landed back badly in transit from lockwood audio.

The tweeters above, were to replace two others they did the same to. So I have some T-line 3's in rosewood, that sound great, but with the mesh covers off, there is a visible crease. They are the best of the 4. I gave up buying more. The originals went in for testing as they seemed a bit bright, but in the end it was my A400 combined with metal domes that wasn't making me happy.

So, £750 new, these very authoritative speakers need to go quickly due to a house move. The imperfections don't stop there. While all the corners are square and one is still boxed, they have a lot of light scratches. These were really nice furniture when new, but don't belong as show pieces anymore. There not ready for drum&bass parties or being used as coasters, but the port foams are all but gone, and while they could be made near perfect again, It's time to accept they're aging.

I could imagine them shaking a tower block to pieces. Surrounded by furniture a bit better than ikea. They really thunder. The can cook up a real storm, but fast paced dance fans should look elsewhere. They have the forward presentation for rock music, but lack the pace. Instead they trade it for weight. Real weight and depth that make you realise what that really means. They would love to be playing dub in that highrise full of gangsters. A quick search shows they reach down to 30hz and don't really trail off very quickly below this. Giving a bottomless impression that few speakers can match. With 90db sensitivity, they're also easy to drive. Full range classical music reproduction is right up their street, and pipe organ fans really search for them.

Collection only I think. Nottingham. Under £200 would be seriously undervaluing them, but that's what he wants. Under £200 (I paid 750. £1200 was the maximum rrp they reached, but they are now a friends and he needs them sold)

Edit: At a glance, across a smokey room, you may think these the RTL3. However, they have a real wood veneer. Cast drivers, not pressed. A bit of a plinth, and weigh a lot more I believe. The Tweeters have a rectangular plate, and look like they might be from the reference series. They are related, but £750 not £200, and the £200 RTL seems to fetch £100 still. These are a steal, for the right buyer.
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