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FS (UK): FR125SR, FE87, alpha 15A, DCX2496, truepath + other amps


2008-02-07 7:21 pm
I'm selling off some gear that I no longer need/use to free up money for a new project and clear out some space in my little London flat. I'm mostly going to be pricing around 50% what these bits cost me.

Fostex FE87E (pair). Used these for a while in a variation of MJKs open baffles with some Eminence Alpha 15As. Really enjoyed them, but have no space for such big speakers now. I bought these from madisound and paid about £80 after shipping and taxes

£30 for the pair

Eminence Alpha 15A pair. Used in OBs mentioned above. Couldn't find how much I paid for these, but google say's they're £60 each. Unfortunately one of them suffered some damage to the dustcap, though it does still function correctly. Pictures below show the damaged one. The other is in perfect condition. BlueAran has a recone kit for £15 if its an issue. The third issue is a sim from MJKs spreadsheets with the FE87E. Needless to say, it looks very nice, and it sounded fantastic!

£40 for the pair

Connexelectronic TA3020 v2 amplifier:
It cost me $105+$45 shipping or around £100.

Some 41hz stuff for a truepath:

PSU1-PS (EUR76 new)
PSU1-SS (EUR44 new)
PSU1-VR (EUR28 new)
Truepath (EUR97 new)

The PSUs and soft start are in perfect working order. Unfortunately when I put it together I only had 1 channel working. I had neither the time nor the expertise to track down the issue, but it's probably something so simple as a cold solder join somewhere, so this could be a bargain for someone. Could split if there's interest, but makes sense to sell as a set


£90 for the lot

Peerless 830341 pair. Bought on a whim from madisound along with some other things. Still packaged as received from them, never used.

Vifa AC25SG05-04 pair. Same as above, looked like it might pair well enough with the peerless driver to make a very decent set of really cheap speakers for someone.

£10 for all 4

I also have a few of heatsinks. Also a flared port tube, 58mm diameter, 210mm long. Probably not looking for any money for those, but will include them as a bonus to anyone making a reasonable purchase who thinks they can make good use of them

Will charge actual postage which will be post office rates for smaller stuff, for heavier orders, I'll use interparcel which is usually £8 or so for up to 20Kg.

Any questions please ask.

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2008-02-07 7:21 pm
Further price reductions:

2x Fostex FE87E - £25
2x Eminence Alpha 15A - £35
OR take all 4 of the above for a great OB starter kit for £55
connexelectronic ta3020 amplifier - £35
truepath kit - £80
2xvifa+2xpeerless drivers - free to anyone that purchases anything else on the thread :)
There's also still a free port tube and a heatsink up for grabs for anyone purchasing from this thread.