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FS (UK): CNC Half Boominator flat packs

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I'm having some compact Half boominator flat packs CNC cut. I need one, but can get 2 more out of the sheet. It's for the hp10w and pht457n and has a recessed cut for an adam hall 8605 metal plate for mounting electronics and input/outputs. You could put a battery inside if you want, but I'm going to be using external lithium batteries that will plug in through the plate.

I haven't had them cut yet so thought I'd post to gauge interest before I make a decision on the wood.

The choice is between this for about £50 a sheet but only comes in a fairly ugly brown:
Advanced Technical Panels

or this for about £120 per sheet and comes in a variety of nice colours as well as being much better quality WISA birch:
Advanced Technical Panels

The CAD/CAM, cnc and delivery costs will be about £50 each then the wood will be on top, so it'll be £65 or £90 per kit depending on which wood is preferred. This is based on Saturnus' design obviously so I can't make money on it and that's not really the point anyway... I just have to pay for the whole sheet of wood so it comes out much more efficient to just cut 3.

Personally I'd probably pay the extra for the nicer wood but I'm not too fussy if a couple of other people are interested and would prefer the cheaper stuff.

Here's the sketchup I've modified from Saturnus' original so the depth etc are all correct for magnet to magnet mounting.
and a video:

Let me know
OK so these are now being cut. It came to £162 for 3 of them, so £54 each + postage. I ended up going with this material:
Advanced Technical Panels

Its good quality, tough finish and primed for painting so you can pick a colour.
I also have 5m spare extruded aluminium flight case edging I can throw in to one flat pack for free.

They should be ready in a few days now. PM me if interested
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.