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FS two Tweeter Seas Excel Millenium

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FS two Tweeter Seas Excel Milleniumt T25 CF002-06 6ohms

Serial number 23/02-37
Serial number 23/02-45

Both are few used, see pics.

Price for both units 300€ + shipping registered mail + 4% paypal

Thanks for looking


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The last pictures do not mean anything other than the coils are not damaged. When you post pictures of drivers that you have used(marks from screws are definitely visible, let alone the suspicion of one of the domes having ripples) you cannot describe them as brand new.
I sure am happy but it is not because you've done the right thing and changed the add. I have sold and bought hindreds of audio parts and an indecent number of DACs, amps and speakers too looking to upgrade my system and I must admit I have lost probably the money for a new car in the process. Been disappointed sometimes and you know what I am talking about, never made much fuss about, that's life.

is good for YOU to describe it properly because you are selling stuff and people who buy from you need to know what they are getting and if they are satisfied they will buy from you again knowing they can trust you. That is just an advice, the money for the tweeters is not insignificant and a potential buyer was simply asking a question, IMHO you were a bit rude in your answer. I do hope you sell them and he likes the results, that is one great driver that is not easily beat. Good luck!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.