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FS: Two TPL-150's

Product Brand & Model: (2) Beyma TPL-150

I'm selling my beloved Beyma TPL-150's. These tweeters are considered by many to be among the very best tweeters ever made. I bought these new two years ago with the intent of building a super high efficiency speaker system but I’ve got too many projects going on so sad to say they have to go. The TPL-150 has a sensitivity of 98db and can take 80 Watts AES and 160 watts program material and they can be crossed at 1500Hz! Think about that! I’ve spent many hours looking at them but they have never been used other than to test with my Dayton WT3. They are PERFECT, not a scratch and never used.

Impedance 8 ohms
AES Power Rating 80 Watts above 1.0kHz
Program Power 160 Watts above 1.0kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 99dB SPL
Frequency Response 1kHz - 23kHz
Recommended Crossover 1.0 kHz or higher(12dB/oct)
Net Weight 4.8 lb.

Specs can be found here:

The cheapest I’ve seen these sell for $800 a pair at US Speaker.

Price shipping: $620

Shipping: Inc.

Payment: Paypal

My feedback can be checked here and on DIYMA, ClubRSX, all with the same username. On eBay my user name is mitch041

These tweeters weigh 4.8 pounds each.


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