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For Sale FS: Two Focal 6K412L Bass-Midrange drivers NOS (USA)

Things you have for sale.
I have two unused new / old stock Focal 6K412L bass-midrange drivers. Bought for a project long ago and since abandoned.
These are 165mm (6.5 in) drivers with gorgeous yellow kevlar cones in cast frames. Still in the original boxes. See pics below.
Nice for 2 way or 3 way with subwoofer.

$25 each or $40 for the pair + shipping from Chicago, IL, USA

Weight in original boxes is 60 oz = 3.5 lbs = 1.7 kg each.
Weight for two in a shipping box with extra padding is expected to be about 9 lbs.

One speaker will fit in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority Box and cost $17.10 to ship anywhere in the continental US. Unfortunately two speakers will not fit into the large flat rate box so using USPS Priority Mail would be two boxes.

Price with USPS Ground Advantage for both speakers together is expected to be about $24.40 or less within the continental US.
Will take Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.


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