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FS: Two DX HDII parts kits and pcbs

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Well, turns out I'm not going to have the time I though I would to complete my two HDIIs. I mounted all the small resistors, diodes, and transistors. All diodes mounted slightly off the board to allow "breathing" room. Premium WBT 80/20 silver solder used throughout. I could have probably used this thing without solder, as I secured each component first by bending the leads inward. Let me know if you want some pictures, I'm not a novice to soldering, it looks very professional. If you interested in the HDII, save yourself some time by getting it shipped promptly from inside the US. I have two pairs, each has:

*two main PCBS with the small resistors, trim potentiometers, transistors, and diodes mounted
*two power supply PCBs.
*Additional large power resistors needed. Not mounted as I was waiting to get the capacitors mounted before adding these.

Each pair is $70 shipped in the US.
Forgot to add. I will also include some thin enamel wire that is suitable for winding inductors as stated by Nordic. This is not included with the kit he sells, but I have some nice copper magnet wire that would work great. I'll include twice the amount needed, just in case you mess up somehow. Just one less thing to try to track down...
Price drop: $55 shipped

I was asked why these were more expensive than the ones Nordic sells. Here's the price breakdown from Nordic:
$20 for base PCB
$17.50 resistors/transistors
$20 for the two PSU PCBs
$57.50+$10 shipping

This also has about 2.5 hours of my time in it, plus will be at your door much sooner since it shipped from the US. Also includes that enameled wire for making the inductors. Any reasonable offer will also be considered, but for now I'll set the price at $55 shipped.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.