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FS: Tubelabs SE 300b

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For sale, Tubelabs SE 300b.

I built all of this myself, its my second amplifier build the first being the Tubelabs Simple SE.

It was built by me a couple of years ago using the Tubelabs 300b single ended circuit.

It's a beautiful sounding amplifier using Edcor power, choke and output transformers.

Components wise I've used Edcor transformers throughout. I used the bigger CXSE 25-8-5k opt's for better detail.

Next was the stepped attenuator using an Elma switch and Takman resistors. I also used another Elma switch for the input selector.

I fitted a ClarityCap supplemental cap for the power supply to ensure there's always enough power for 'big' moments.

I also used Mundorf gold coupling caps and the recommended caps, transistors and resistors throughout the rest of the circuit.

The chassis folded ally with 18mm birch ply sides. The walnut side pieces then screw to the ply sides and could be exchanged easily for any other style of wood you choose as they're not structurally vital as such.

Heres a link to the build thread http://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=17047.0


The input tubes are NOS 5842s, a matched pair of which I have a new pair as spares. The output tubes are Shuguang ceramic base items bought new as a matched pair. These sound fantastic and would require a large amount of money spent to better them. The rectifier tube is a NOS CVC GZ34. I went for a NOS item here as they are generally reported to be far stronger and more reliable.

That's about all I can say about it.

Price is now £849. Sensible offers will be considered. Postage would be a challenge given its weight and vulnerability to mishandling although the chassis is VERY strong. This would have to be at buyers cost and risk still.

Thanks you for looking.
Hi there,

I'm selling as I need funds to complete a kit car I'm building. No other reason, I'm quite attached to it however it has little use lately lately due to the arrival of our daughter.

8w seems fair, I've never measrued it but its plenty loud enough for my alpair 10p fonkens.

It works beautifully and has done since the first fire up. I've had to do nothing to it.

Kg would be at least 15-20 at a guess. Its not a lightwieght!

Sorry I don't wan't anything equipment wise right now, purely cash to fund the car project.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.