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FS: Tubelab SPP board

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Tubelab SPP board for sale.

Assembled, tested and working as both EL84/6BQ5 and EL86/6CW5 amps.
Complete with these exceptions:

--NO V-1 octal rectifier socket installed. I used an external regulated power supply. [And NO diodes were ever soldered to the circuit board.]

--T-1 RED 3-pin connector & T-1 YEL 2-pin connector not installed. With no rectifier installed these connectors have no use. I used the L1-2 connector to bring B+ directly into the board.

--NO R1 installed. Note the 2 high voltage wires. These go to an external high wattage resistor whose value depends on which tube set is used.

--NO C101 & C201 the optional feedback capacitors - These were never soldered in place.

NO TUBES - NO TRANSFORMER - NOTHING other than what is in the pictures.

$40 USD & shipping cost - U.S.A. priority medium flat rate box is $13.

Option to include General Electric EL86/6CW5 tubes. Set of 4 for $8 extra.

The design can be found here:

Tubelab SPP | Tubelab





Thanks for looking.

Hello Esteban,

Wow! You live in a very beautiful spot on this world. I will personally deliver it for free if you pay for my shipping cost. Sadly I don't fit in a priority mailing box anymore.

If anyone has been a member of this board for a while I figure they are a 'stand up guy.' And Esteban, you out rank me. So, sure I would. But..... please take a look here:


I have it packed in a "Medium Flat Rate Box." And if you choose Spain then the cost is $66.50 shipping.:eek:

So... Tubelab sells the blank PCB for $35 with the same priority mailing at $15. A flat package ships for much less than a box. I don't know what parts cost in your neighborhood. The sockets on this board are the Beltron type with nickel plating. The resistors are a mix of solid blue Panasonics, generic metal film and carbon film, and wire cement. The electrolytics are Panasonic and Nichicon. The film caps are Panasonic polypropylene. I am glad to answer any other questions.

Good to hear from you, Dave.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.