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FS: Troels Gravesen Quattro MKII ja8008hmq+tc35002 - Belgium

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Due to tinnitus issues, I am stopping my diy audio hobby, I will keep 1 system.
I am selling off the rest of my stuff.

I am selling a pair of finished Troels Gravesen Quattro MKII (seas t35c002), sound great, look great.

-crossover full superior z (includes 4 x 15uf superior zcap), wax coils
-JA8008 hmq woofer
-seas t35c002 tweeters + jantzen waveguides (routed for quattro)
-cabinet build in birch multiplex

I also have a pair of audax tw034 + jantzen waveguides (routed for quattro), these you get for free. The audax are recent, but the current (all of them) tw034 have a small fr deviation, they have a small dip at 6khz. Thats why you get them for free, they do sound ok. Because I wanted the best, I switched to seas t35c002.

At the moment I am not selling the parts yet, psychologically I am not ready yet to tear my speakers apart.

Price: 850€ (jantzen kit new price is 1660€, so this is a good deal)
Pickup only. I would not mind sending them, but they weigh 25kg/each and I dont have experience packing large speakers.

This is also an interesting deal for people planning to build tqwt/dqwt: also ja8008/t35 drivers, plus u can reuse the superior zcaps (or combine them with smaller values or mix in standard z).

ps I live in Gent, Belgium


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