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FS/trade: DAC parts

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Going over my stash of parts I found some that I am not going to need anymore. All are new, never taken out of their protective tubes.

2x NPC SM5843AP1 $25 ea
2x PCM1702P-K $25 both
2x PCM1702P $10 both
2x PCM63P $15 both

Trades for CS8412-IP or TDA1541A/S2 (dual crown) considered.

I live in Finland but will ship at cost (roughly $2-3 to US).
Re: samples

arnach said:
Sorry, price is always high for low quantities. Why not just sample these parts?

-- Aaron

If you know where to get samples of these chips, please share the information! There's no better way than getting your parts as free samples, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Have you tried getting samples of NPC chips? Do you know where you can order small quantities of them? As far as I know they're pretty darn hard to source...
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