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FS: TPS7A4700 low noise PSU SALE!


I have several PCBs with TPS7A4700 regulators with silkscreen missing. Can be split into three separate regulators. Symmetrical voltage is also possible.
To make it fully functional you only need to add filtering capacitor and rectifying diodes.
Price for one is 40€! (worldwide priority shipping with tracking and paypal fee are included in price!).


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PCBs with silkscreen.

Now I have on sale TPS7A4700 single PCBs and dual PCBs with parts. Around 10kits of each version.

TPS7A47 single PCB kit; price 17€ (1st picture)
Kit includes:
TPS7A4700 PCB 1pcs
SBYV27 (rectifying diodes) 4pcs
2pin screw terminal 2pcs
8mm standoffs & M3 nuts 8pcs

TPS7A47 dual PCB kit; price 34€ (2nd picture)
Kit includes:
TPA7A4700 dual PCB 1pcs
SBYV27 (rectifying diodes) 8pcs
2pin screw terminal 4pcs
8mm standoffs & M3 nuts 8pcs

Package will be sent with priority shipping with tracking
Shipping charges:
Up to 3kits (1single + 1dual or 3single) 4€
More than 3kits 5.22€.

Paypal fee is 4%.

If you are interested send me PM!

Best Regards,


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