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FS: TPA3116D2 w/ PSU, PCM5102A XMOS USB DAC, 2-way Active Crossover, Speaker Drivers

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A bunch of great stuff at great prices! Picture in the attachment.

- TPA3116D2 Class-D amplifier board with oversize 360 watt SMPS set at 21v (optimal for this amp for full power at both 4ohm and 8ohm loads). Includes basic power cord and input RCA's wired up. Ready to run, just attach your speakers and input! It can put out 50 watts per channel with a 4ohm load. http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tpa3116d2.pdf $45

- PCM5102A DAC -- can do 32-bit/384khz over USB thanks to its XMOS USB input! Board is powered by USB, or you can hook up your own +5v supply. Also has RCA SPDIF input and a headphone amplifier chip onboard. Ready to run! http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/pcm5100a-q1.pdf SOLD!

- 2-way Active Crossover - KMTech design, 12db LR slopes on both high and low pass sections. Currently set up for stereo subwoofers at 65hz! I used this for stereo bass before I got my MiniDIGI DSP. The sound is completely transparent. Using stereo subwoofers and taking the bass load off my main speakers was one of the single BEST upgrades I ever did to my system. Of course you get newfound amazing bass, but just as beneficial is not having the woofers in your main speakers move so much, so they are more dynamic, take more power, and midrange and treble quality goes way up since THD goes way down. Populated with OPA2134 op-amps for great performance. You can also swap out the passive components for any crossover point your heart desires, use a Sallen-Key crossover calculator. $25.

- A pair of the infamous Radio Shack/Realistic 40-1354 5.25" Full-Range speaker drivers! These sound soooo good, just Google the part number and you'll see all sorts of cabinets and mods for them. Definitely a gem and one of the nicest sounding inexpensive 5 1/4" full-range drivers ever made. $35 for the pair.

- A pair of Seas P11RCY 8ohm! Great for midrange or mini bookshelf woofers. Shahinian uses the 4ohm version in their Hawk speakers. Love the sound of these, and their frequency response is very smooth, making them easy to integrate. Datasheet is here: http://www.seas.no/images/stories/vintage/pdfdataheet/h0455_p11rcy.pdf One of them has the mounting holes extended out, but both are in great working condition otherwise. $20 for the pair.

All prices add shipping and 3% Paypal.

Leave a reply or PM me!


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Have some interest in the 1354's, DAC, and amplifier via PMs

Might consider selling my upgraded Thiel Model 02's if there is any interest, but usually individual components sell better on DIYaudio.

I've attached a picture of what they look like by Stereomono. Mine are in Rosewood veneer, though, which is a bit darker and more figured. They have also been upgraded by replacing the electrolytic caps in the crossover with polypropylene caps.


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