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fs. TOROID 230VAC - 8X/39VAC out +2X/21VAC out

For sale TOROID 230VAC - 8X/39VAC out +2X/21VAC out

this is from a broken Samson amp.

70EUR + shiping


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Look at the size of the tfmr in comparison to the spade lugs, I'd say it's about 200/300VA tops. That'd mean 1A ish per winding. you can also see the wire gauge, doesn't look anywhere near 6A rated. Lastly I have a 1KVA toroid, it's about a foot in diameter 4" high. Typical 500/600VA toroids are 6" dia 3" high.

Hope that helps any the seller & future buyer gauge current capacity.

Thanks Andy,
I'm fairly confident it is in fact a 2400VA capable transformer. I think that the two transformers that you can also see in the picture are also for sale here and are confirmed as 1250VA and look a good bit smaller. My offer to the OP reflects any (small) remaining uncertainty I may have. Will check the dimensions before completing purchase though.