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FS: TOA D-901 Mixer (ideal for 4-channel + active crossover)

Hi, I have here a pretty good mixer im selling on ebay but will take it down if anyone wants it here, I wanted to mention it here because it would be ideal for a 4-channel active crossover among other things.

The input board is good quality 24 bit 48 kHz 4 channel converters, Ive not used the mixer as my plans changed and never got round to it, but from what i presume you can change all the crossover settings within the machine and also have saved settings, i wouldn't be surprised if you can also make delays on individual drivers with this, the whole thing is expandable with modules which is a nice thing.

Im actualy moving out of the house and into a caravan so everything has to go!

Info here

P1050803.jpg P1050806.jpg P1050816.jpg

P1050817.jpg P1050825.jpg P1050828.jpg

So anyway amazon currently says $1,884.82 which is aprox £1237, and im selling for £400 to the UK and if anyone wants it to US/EU etc I will need to find out shipping Costs, the digital mixer is spotless Mint condition 240v though!

Any questions ill gladly reply, do read up on the info on it perhaps it has more use than I original intended ?

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