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FS: The Wire LPUHP 12W buffer amplifier

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I built this amp because I like the idea of using buffers for the power stage. I am selling because I have too many amps sitting unused.
Here is the link to the original thread: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/soli...gh-perfromance-lpuhp-16w-power-amplifier.html .
The sound is very good, clean and detailed. I built the variant unbalanced 21dB gain. At 0.89Vrms input delivers 10Vrms on 8 ohms before entering in clipping. So that is about 12W usable.
The amp has also a front panel Headphone jack by Neutrik and a RCA 3.5mm stereo jack by SwitchCraft.
The remote is stereo 50k Alps from Bent Audio with remote control for volume and mute.
The power transformers are Antek 100VA 15V.
The case is Modushop from Italy type Galaxy Maggiorato GX388 with top and bottom fully vented(slotted).
The total cost for parts was about $670. I am asking $500 plus shipping.
The sound is very good using my Alpair 12P speakers and firm and detailed using my Sennheiser HD595.


  • front and remote.JPG
    front and remote.JPG
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  • measurements.JPG
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  • wiring transformers.JPG
    wiring transformers.JPG
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  • wiring front.JPG
    wiring front.JPG
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  • wiring up front.JPG
    wiring up front.JPG
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  • wiring overall.JPG
    wiring overall.JPG
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  • back view open top.JPG
    back view open top.JPG
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  • front view open top.JPG
    front view open top.JPG
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  • front view open top above.JPG
    front view open top above.JPG
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.