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FS: SVS PB12-ISD/2 SUBWOOFER! **Local Pickup In Florida**

This sub is practically brand new. I've only had it a few short months and it's in perfect shape in every way. It has never been abused what so ever. It's in as good of shape as when I first got it straight from SVS. Of course, I have the manual and the port blockers. And the warranty is completely transferable.

The reason for selling is because I am wanting to go to one of the cylinder subs for more placement options in my small-ish 13x17 room. I'll loose a little max output, but oh well.

Anyway, I'm asking $800 firm. That's $200 off including shipping for an almost new sub.

Shipping is non-negotiable. This beast is being sold for local pickup in Florida only. If my brother is willing, I will be able to cart this thing about 50 miles from my house to meet someone, or you can come to my house to pick it up. Whatever works for you, as long as it's on the weekend.

Feel free to PM me or post here if you're interested.


mrlots2do said:

Hi Charles
I don't think lack of interest is the problem. SVS builds great products however your on a DIY forum. Everyone here can build a great sounding subwoofers for half your asking price. You may want to go Ebay.

True, but I figure it never hurts to ask. I probably will go eBay, however only as a last resort. ;)

BTW, the price has dropped to $700 also.