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FS-Sunvalley adjustable equalization phono stage SV- EQ1616D

Sunvalley adjustable equalization phono stage SV- EQ1616D (120V version) for sale.
I built my EQ1616D phono equilizer about 9 month ago. It worked great after first time powered on. My big impression about this phono equilizer is it definitely provides tremendous details. I hooked it up with Sansui SR-838 (Denon MC), McIntosh MX110Z and Sunvally SV-S1616D SET tube amplifier. The speakers are Rogers Studio 1A. It has low usage but it is broken in now.

Asking $1100; free shipping to the continental US (sorry no international shipping). This phono stage has fabulous reviews! Look them up!

Tubes included:
ECC83 / 12AX7  x 2
12AU7 x 1
Cossor WE274B x 1

Stereophile Review - November 2020 edition
Gramophone Dreams #42: Sunvalley Audio SV-EQ1616D phono equalizer | Stereophile.com

I made below upgrades.

--replaced stock tube sockets with Belton sockets
--Mogami W2314 microphone shielded cable which has very low microphonics
--replaced C1 film caps in input sector with Mundorf EVO oil
--replaced C3, C5 and C6 film caps with Mundorf EVO gold silver oil (bought 5mm male to female stainless hex spacers to increase the clearance below turnover select board in order to accommodate slightly larger Mundorf caps). It is also a good idea to put on heat shrink tubes on the two 30mm spacers supporting the turnover board.
--Takman resistors in signal paths (the stock resistors are already high quality ones, The reason I liked Takman is its wire terminal is stiffer than most other brands. It is easier for arrangement for point-to-point connection.)

● Phono equalizer that emphasizes sound quality
● 2 input systems that are ideal for using 2 turntables
● Output: 1 system (MONO (L) / STEREO switchable) * MONO: L channel Input → L / R dual output
● Compatible with MM / MC cartridges (MC input: head amplifier) * MM: 47kΩ, MC: 20Ω to 50Ω
● Gain: MM35dB, MC + 22dB
* Gain can be selected according to the output voltage of the cartridge ( When HIGH / LOW) or LOW is selected -4dB (MM) /-2.5dB (MC)
● Vacuum tube: Amplification stage (V1 / V2): 12AX7, 2nd stage (V3): 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7 can be selected arbitrarily (according to your taste)
* The standard is all 12AX7, and if you want the smooth texture of high frequencies with a high output cartridge, 12AU7 is recommended only for V3 ( I have RCA clear TOP or Brimar to pick)
● Rectifier: Standard / diode module, option / various rectifier tubes (5AR4, 274B, 5R4 etc. can be used) ( I have LinLai 274B, WE274B, ACME 274B or ELROG 274B)
● Turnover frequency adjustment: Switchable
  → Compatible with RIAA, old AES, COLUMBIA / old NAB, LONDON, EU SP , US SP
  * Not only turnover frequency but also low frequency characteristics can be changed simultaneously according to each EQ curve.
● High-frequency roll-off adjustment: ON / OFF selection type
* When ON: Continuously variable (corresponding to all EQ curves), When OFF: No attenuation (for SP LP)


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