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FS: Subwoofer 15"

For sale one Adire Audio Brahma 15D4 XBL^2 subwoofer. Acquired new but never used, in good condition, and has only had power applied for testing.

15" with dual 4 ohm voice coils

Fs 18 Hz
Qms 12.7
Qes 0.55
Qts 0.53
Vas 265 L
Re 2x2.8 Ohm
Le 2x0.8 mH
Sd 740 cm2
BL 16
Xmax 28.5mm one way linear
Pmax 600W RMS (actual will depend on your application)
SPL 86.2 dB @ 1W, 1m

$225 plus shipping from 98177
weight approximately 35 lbs.


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