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FS: Stereo Components/Cables

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I have Schiit SAGA for sale with Original tube (+1 spare tube) and remote with Box/Manual

Schiit SYS passive preamp with 2 inputs - $45 USD with Original Box

6 Chrome Spikes/Cones 1-1/4" Diameter & 1-1/4" tall with removable tip and adhesive backing
$20 for 6

Vincent Audio PHO-8 MM/MC Phono Preamp with separate Power Supply (Black)

Realistic LAB-500 Quartz Lock Direct Drive turntable with original Acrylic Lid

Mordaunt-Short Pageant II 2-Way Speakers; Painted Black by previous owner
$150USD (May prefer local sale because of shipping costs)

1 Pair Realistic Minimus-7 (newer Genexxa version) Black Metal Compact Speakers

2 Pairs of NEW 1M Audioquest Evergreen Analog Interconnects (New in Box)

6 Used Hospital-Grade (Green Dot) 6ft 18GAX3 Power

1 Niles SPS Speaker Switching Box 4 speakers capability

1 Radio Shack Analog Sound Meters with extended neck/microphone - $30USD

2 Theta DaViD (Pioneer DV-424) Complete DVD/CD Laser Drive systems with NEW Lasers installed - $19USD each or $30USD for pair

1 Theta DaViD /Pioneer DVD-424 Remote Control - $15USD

1 - 50Ft Balanced Cable with Male XLR- Female XLR connections - $10USD

Lot Partial Rolls (50-60 ft min. each) 12/14/16 Gauge Black Stranded Wiring -$10/Lo

Reduced Shipping Fees (50% Discount of Actual)

PayPal for Canada & US and E-Transfer for Canada


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