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FS Speakerbuilder and Audio Express mags.

Price for 53 issues: $1.00 ea or $53.00 plus shipping

FS: Speaker Builder/Audio Express print magazines
I have a few years of Speaker Builder mag which then became Audio Express.

What will cost is the shipping to you and I'd limit that to the US. The mags would be for collectors to peruse the older styles of building and circuits.

Right now I have not sorted the mags. Time frame is 1998 to 2004 approximate.

Any interest my mail is:

[email protected]
I have things more organized now, plus I found a few more issues boxed with

cooking mags.

Here is the itemization by year:


1998 issues 3 thru 8
1999 one, two and three
2000 six, seven, eight

This has been cross-posted to Full Range Driver Forum

and my subscription years:

2001 1-12
2002 1-12
2003 1-12
2004 1-12
2005 1-12

2006 Jan. and Feb. only

All totaled 73 at $1.00 each plus shipping.

I would have to weigh and ship based on where you live.
Everything in good condition: no mildew odors, smoke smell or other
imperfections. These were sitting on my room shelf all the time.
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