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FS: SOTA Cosmos Turntable

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Top of the Line SOTA cosmos turntable! $1200 (also listed on eBay)

awesome table that has been in storage for many years and now needs a little TLC to be in top shape! Dark Grey Nev-a-mar finish. not shown but included is the vacuum pump/power supply unit with matching finish and 20' connecting cable. Will need some vacuum line to connect the pump to the table however. Belt seems good but probably should be replaced. table runs smooth but the suspension springs on the left side seemed to have stretched and so a foam block needs to be placed under the left to raise the platter up to be level and not rub on the edge. springs will need to be replaced or maybe it has internal adjustments??

Has the multi layered composite arm board cut for a SME arm.this is an early serial number unit! has the vacuum clamp platter and flip top record clamp. Many updates are available from SOTA

Beautiful table that has been very well reviewed by many publications! Wish i could afford to keep it but the cost of a proper SME arm is way out of my budget! Sold AS-IS

**** Please note!!! **** There will be an extended shipping time for this item!!! I need to buy the proper box and shipping materials from SOTA at a cost of $125 which I will do and pay for once the table has sold. I do not want to invest in a box until such time. so immediately after the table has sold I will order the box. once it arrives I will safely pack up the table and ship it fedex ground. the shipping price listed covers just the cost of shipping and the listed declared value of the table with Fedex. expect a 2-3 weeks for shipping depending on how fast SOTA is. I will keep in contact with you during that process!

**Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.I am willing to work with you on how to complete the transaction smoothly.

$50 fedex ground shipping

Local Pick up is allowed!!!


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.