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FS: Some of my best gear--many great drivers.

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(Takes a long breath…)

Well, here goes. I have a new baby daughter and need to significantly lighten my personal audio stash. These are some of my cherry-picked best pieces, and I hate to part with them, especially some of the rare and lovely drivers.

Whatever doesn’t sell will go up on Ebay with a reserve set to the prices you see below. In other words, prices will only go up from here.

EV SP-12 wide-range pair, alnico, protected in cabinets their whole life, excellent shape. $225

Fostex FE 168 Sigma pair (old version) whizzers removed for even cleaner midrange, sound great. $100

JBL 2150 coaxial single. good shape. $75

B&K VMR 654 6-channel amplifier. Extreme quality. $250

Tannoy CMS65 ICT coaxial pair, inductively coupled domes, crossoverless, brand new in boxes. $70

Selenium ST320 slot tweeters—the high-performance ones—like new in boxes with extra replacement diaphragm. $75

JBL 2342 horns (featured on 4425 monitors) like new. $220

JBL 2344a horns (featured on 4430 monitors) like new $275

Saba 8” greencone pair, alnico, excellent $110

Saba 4” greencone tweeters, excellent $40

Philips 9710M pair, good condition. $225

Dynaudio D54af pair, dome midranges, new in boxes. $225

EV PRO-12B coaxial pair, excellent condition, foam like new (very rare!) $160

Rane AC23 crossover, fully functional, all there. $110

Grado Green phono cartridge, used once, like new. $75

JBL 2485J midrange compression driver pair—Excellent! Includes an extra pair of NIB correct diaphragms. $430

Stephens FR120 single widerange driver. Fine shape, no dings on center cap. $70

Blaupunkt PA275 Tripath digital 2-ch. full-range amp. Excellent. $75

Hamlin’s (same as Lafayette SK-98) fullrange driver pair. EXTREMELY rare and sought-after. $180

A pair of vanishingly rare white-cone coral fullranges, very similar to the Fostex / Foster Fe103a. Excellent. $75

Fostex / Foster FE103a driver pair still in tunnel-reflex admiral enclosures. Excellent and very rare. $75

Knight KN 612 HC coax pair in great condition. These were manufactured by EV and are practically identical to the more common EV 12trx. Very rare. $225
I Just emailed another member who had the same question.

I floundered around for a long time looking for info on this amp after I bought it, and I didn’t find much, either. I even called B&K directly, and they have only a limited list of specs available. Others have told me that B&K only made a few of these because they ended up losing a patent-infringement suit on one of its design elements and had to cease production.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic amp that looks to be designed very well and overbuilt—it’s quite heavy. Large Toroidal power supply, etc.

I'll try to post some pics later. Wife's traveling with the camera right now.
Lotsa questions about the Fostex Sigmas.

I didn't do the whizzer removal--I bought them that way--so I can't describe how the sound was changed, only that they sounded very smooth and alive in my widerange OBs (pic below) before I traded 'em out for Stephens FR80 's. I understand the whizzerectomy cleans up the upper mid / lower treble.



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I've gotten so many emails asking for pics of the B&K amp, I drug it to work with me so I could get some. Always eager to please, this one! :)

I popped the hood to enhance the cheesecake factor for all you technosexuals. :angel:

I'd forgotten how big those power supply caps are--each maybe 3.5" across!


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Some may be mad, some may be glad :eek:

I posted that I wanted this amp right when I got to work and logged into my computer; talk about timing! Throughout my shift I was thinking how I already a spare amp laying around and how someone else could use this amp more than I could...therefore, I'm going to retract my dibs and let the next guy in line go ahead and snag this. When I saw the pic of it I knew I had to act fast and I did, but the more I thought about it I knew I was being somewhat selfish.

Bill, sorry for wasting any of your time and sorry to anyone else. Also, to the next guy in line, enjoy! :D
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Bill F. said:
In answer to some email questions about the white-cone corals, they have 8-ohm nominal impedance.

I have measured a single set of these and these were the results (keep in mind that variability of vintage drivers -- particularily treated cloth surround ones) can vary substantially so this should be considered a guideline only. (Average of 2 units)

Fs Re Qms Qes Qts Vas Cone mass Sd dB comp cm/dyne
92 6.95 1.5515 0.428 0.335 4.385 1.9 44.18 91.11 0.000001588

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