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FS: some extra Vampire Wire hookup/chassis wire

I have some leftover 18-gauge continuous cast copper hookup/chassis wire from Vampire Wire that I'm putting up for sale, red insulation only. It has multi-gauge strands (3 or 4 different sizes) just like their best speaker cables. I have 60 feet, maybe more, to spare. I'm looking for $1.50/foot, or $1.25/foot for runs 15 feet and longer. Percy Audio is selling the same stuff in 20-gauge for $2.00/foot and I don't think you can get it anywhere else (V.W. stopped making cables).

If you're interested, send me a PM! Thanks for looking.

20 feet sold, and waiting to hear back from Merlin.

To save some more questions about shipping: to Spain looks like it's going to be ~$17 for the slower option and $23 for faster, to Canada ~$5, to US ~$3. If I overestimate by more than a dollar or so, I'll send back the difference.
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