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FS: SMPS 50-0-50 regulated DC


I have 10 amplifier SMPS's for sale. I would use them except they are 110vAC and I am in Australia :-( where the voltage is 240vAC

50-0-50v DC @ at least 3.5 amps continuous, but these were made for a 4 ohm Class AB subwoofer rated at 180wRMS so there is plenty of current potential. They are regulated and rock solid on their voltage when at 3.5 amp load.

There is also a 2 amp current limited supply at 25-0-25v DC.

They are built by ALESIS for audio, so be quick, they are really nice.

Oh, US$60/ea delivered worldwide anywhere! that is definately a bargain - they are new also!

Cheers, Graeme ([email protected])
Hi, I guess that is a fairly good idea.

The SMPS is physically small which is great!

About 15cm x 8cm x 7cm at a guess.

please see attached picture


  • audiosmpssmall.jpg
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If I'm right about the circuit, then it can be configured for 115V or 230V operation depening on how the diode bridge (that four-legged thing in the left side of the heatsink) and those two big capacitors are wired.


This is a typical schematic showing 115V/230V selection. The "input filter" is inside that steel or iron box in the left side. D21, D22, D23 and D24 constitute the diode bridge. C5 and C6 are those two big capacitors. You may even find a PCB jumper for voltage selection in place of the switch shown in the schematic.