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FS: Signal DP241-8-28 xfmr ***'y

28VCT @ 3.6A dual primary115/230 50/60 Hz

for data sheet of standard part

for picture of 'value-added' item

The assembly consists of the transformer and a circuit board with primary wiring switch and a line-rated EMI capacitor, a push-on terminal and a wired connector. If I remember right the capacitor is an 'X-type', metallized mylar.

X-type is safety agency rated for across-line use, and Y-types are rated for line-to-ground.

I don't know what they were intended for. I bought them from Heath/Zenith the factory. I have a couple boxes but have to locate them so I am offering one here. They are all identical, so I call them unused asemblies, not removed from equipment, which would be used.

The pc board is just 'tack-soldered' to the xfmr terminals and thus easily removeable if desired.

I think last I checked they retailed for $18 or so each.

How's $4 + shipping sound?

I'll update how many I have, or at least how many I find at a time.

I see the system/server doesn't like the word ASSEMBLY abbreviated. Pardon me. Would the English spelling Arsembly be more proper?

I'll try to wait a week for response before I consider listing elsewhere.

I do need to get rid of some stuff and make an honest effort to find a home for it before landfilling it.