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FS: "Shiny Eyes" SE 300B -C3g, Monolith Etude 1 OT and LL1692A IT

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This amp was born because I wanted to repurpose the awesome output transformers Monoliths Etude -1 used in the PSE 4P1L. The Monoliths were a little overkill for the PSE 4P1L amplifier.
I also used the interstage transformers LL1692As because they were the best fit for the chosen driver C3g.
In addition the Monoliths and the Lundahl interstage were already broken in for about 600 hours. This made possible to built an amp that reproduces music at highest performance out of the box. What better incentives for the desire to built a new tube amplifier.
From the beginning, I chose a very compact layout design, based on my previous experience with PSE 4P1L. I used the beautiful looking Brazilian cheery wood 6" wide. This allowed an inside height of about 5" which was excellent because I was able to fit the power supply on the bottom of the enclosure. The case design is similar to other amps and preamps: a 1/8" aluminum top plate where all the components and sub-assemblies are attached to, a wooden enclosure routed in such a manner that the top plate is sitting nicely on it.
Here are few things about the design:
• The power supply uses for the high voltage a 300W Lundahl LL1651 with 500V secondary feeding on a hybrid bridge 6CJ3 - SiC schottky, choke input PRC-1 at 5.5H/230mA, followed by CLC ( 200uF-5.5H-200uF). This delivers about 400V @ 180mA. Layout with PRC1 and tubes on top and LL1651 and caps on bottom. The LL1651 provides also AC filament for the two tube rectifiers and for the two drivers. The 300B filaments are powered on DC voltage provided by a Antek 100VA/ 2x9V, raw dc supply and superb Coleman regulators. In order to protect and extend the life of the 300Bs, I used a delayed timer for the high voltage. When the amp is turned on, first the filaments of the 300Bs are powered and the delayed timer starts counting. After about 30 seconds, the relay powers the LL1651 and the tube rectifiers allow a soft start after another 20 seconds or so.
• The main amplifier has a simple schematics: 300B with 1K/12W-220uF/100V cathode(self) bias, driver C3G with 200ohms - 2200uF Cerafine for cathode bias. The driver feeding the IT that has a CCS( constant current source) from the PSU(power supply unit). CCS is adjusted at 16-18 mA. The 300Bs are running at about 65-68mA and 340V Uak and deliver a maximum of 7Watts per channel.
• The sound of this amp is astounding: very tight bass, extremely sweet and vibrant mids and highs. It makes a very good match for high sensitivity full range drivers. I am using it with the Alpair 12P in small reflex enclosure. This amp is a better match to the 92dB sensitivity speakers compared to the PSE 4P1L.

Shiny Eyes SE 300B features:
• Custom tube PX300B Genalex Gold Lion
• Monolith Etude-1, high end output transformers
• Amazingly linear German made (Siemens) C3g driver
• Lundahl LL1692A, high end interstage transformers
• Lundahl main power transformer LL1651
• Choke input with tube rectifiers
• MKP high voltage capacitors
• Coleman filament regulators
• delayed and soft start
• Cardas binding posts
• RCA Neutrik
• switches to mute the speakers
For more measurements info see: https://simplepleasuretubeamps.wordpress.com/2015/12/15/shiny-eyes-se-300b/
Note: The amplifier has the 300Bs filaments pre-adjusted. In case of replacing the 300Bs, one needs to readjust the Coleman regulators in order to deliver 5V to the filaments. The multi-turn trimmers are not accessible from above the top plate. To readjust one needs to remove 4 screws and lift the top plate. If one is not comfortable doing this operation, I can modify the amp and install test plugs and trimmer access on the top plate.

I am asking $2500 with shipping included UScon. This is below the cost of the parts.


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I finished the mods to make the adjustment of the Coleman regulators accessible from the top plate. I used 2mm Insulated banana jack type Pomona model 5935 from Mouser( part# 565-5935-0). I made a very small PCB and moved the 500ohms trimmer from the Coleman board.
As you can see in the following pictures it is easy now to swap 300Bs and re-adjust.
The steps of adjusting the filament voltage are:
1. Turn on the amp. The high voltage is delayed about 90 seconds and there is enough time to adjust to 5V both filaments.
2. Wait until the high voltage is present and the anode current shows 60-70 mA. Re-adjust the voltage at 4.95 V
3. For the first 20-30 minutes, check periodically and readjust to 5.00 V.

One should be very careful when doing the measurement and adjustment because of the close proximity to the 300Bs. These tubes can get extremely hot.


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