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FS: several matched pairs of Toshiba JFETs - 2SK170BL / 2SJ74BL

SOLD, thank you for your interest.


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You don't want to understand, do you... you don't cancel an order just before shipment because someone else probably offered more...

Milan, you lack integrity, you are not trustworthy. That is the end of it.

And I'm still waiting to have my money back.
Hi Berny,

I sent you an email and PM, and I'm going to apologize to you here publicly.

Refund in paypal is still in Pending state ..., because I made a mistake when I clicked to refund not from the current status on my paypal account but from my bank account.

Here's an explanation from paypal for the waiting time:

We start to process your refund as soon as the seller sends the refund to you. A pending refund usually means the seller is sending the payment directly from their bank account - depending on the banks involved, it can take up to 7 business days for a refund to be deposited to your PayPal account. Your money will be available when the payment status changes from “pending’ to ‘completed.’

I'll inform you right away if your status changes and you get your money back.

Excuse me for the occurred problems.

Hi Berny,

Please be patient. Your refund is still in the process of being processed, at this point I cannot influence it. As soon as it change to Completed, I will inform you without delay. But I sent you a few emails about the situation, without any response from you. Only 4 business days have passed since the refund request, paypal says it can take up to 7 days. I very apologize for the delay in returning the payment.

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