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FS: Scanspeak 2905/9500 tweeters, as new


2008-02-01 6:18 pm
These are a North Creek Music matched pair. They've been hooked up for all of a few minutes for testing. They are near mint in every way, in original packing, and have North Creek's labels.

They can be ordered new as cheaply as $260 plus shipping per matched pair.

I'll sell this pair for $175.

I've spotless ebay seller feedback. (A-gon, too)

Send me a message if you're interested.

Reason for sale? Call me deaf, but I prefer the old alnico JBL LE25 paper tweeters.


  • scanspeak 2905.jpg
    scanspeak 2905.jpg
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Hello Jeanvigo,

i`m interested in the tweeters you offer, with one requirement. Can you write on the box this is a present for me from you as otherwise I have to pay customs taxes?

How would you like to receive the payment? I have a PayPal account, I can also send a money order. The tweeters should be shipped to Bulgaria, Europe.