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FS Scan Speak Tweeters

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I have a matched pair Scan Speak tweeter for sale.
These I purchased from fellow forum member who told it was used about 100-120 hours never abused. Just broken in.
They were tested by me upon arrived but I never used them.
I only sell because I would like to raise money for my next project!:)
Which would be a pair of these woofers
The price a bit less I paid ($180US) now $165 plus shipping or pick up. A couple years back these cost much more but still these are great tweeters.
The tweeter are good working condition, a bit dusty .
See the pictures.

Thank you

Greetings gabor


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Also I have a pair 4 Ohm Seas tweeter and mid drivers.
Those came out from a high quality Bang Olufsen speakers.
Bot pair works great the mids are a bit dusty but I let the new owner to clean them.
I would like to sell them $30US each pair plus shipping.
The mids comes with a back chamber. Because of that they are a bit big but you can take just the drivers.
These due to the shipping cost.
Also you can remove the protector grill from the front of the dome of the tweeters.
In case if you like that way better..
The bot sound absolutely sweet.
How I stated I need to raise money for my next project!


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.