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FS: Scan Speak Revelator 12m/4631G00 (pair)

Hey all,

I purchased these a few years ago as part of 3-way active build that I never ended up getting around to. I recently decided to complete the project, but switched to the Zaph ZRT 2.5 to utilize my four 18W/8531G drivers.

As such, I'm left with my pair of 12M/4631G drivers that have never been used. I hooked them up briefly free-air to a low-level highpassed amp output to ensure there was nothing obviously wrong with them (shorted/open/siezed VC, etc) when I first received them, but that's it. They have never been mounted in a baffle, never been fed more than a tiny fraction of a watt (from that initial test), etc. They've simply been sitting in their original box in my closet for about 3 years.

I would like to get close to what I paid for them since they have literally never been used. They sell for $570 for the pair on Madisound now, they used to be cheaper. I'm looking to get around $400 for mine. I have some pictures, let me know if you want more. They will be delivered in the same OEM packaging I received them in (same as what's pictured).


What you see in that last picture isn't anything wrong with the cone, it's just a little dusty. I'm not sure how it got so dusty sitting in that box, but apparently dust will find a way...