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FS: SB Acoustics MW16P-8 & SB29RDAC-C000-4 (Australia)

For sale in Australia only:
2 off SB Acoustics Satori MW16P-8 mid-woofers A$100ea (RRP A$219ea)
2 off SB Acoustics SB29RDAC-C000-4 aluminium face plate tweeters A$30ea (RRP $79ea)
To be sold as a bundle at A$260 plus postage registered and insured as well as being supplied in their original packing.

All in excellent condition with less than 20 hours use. Purchased in 2019 to establish a design and the test boxes have been used on another project so the drivers need a home.

This sale is for drivers only and test enclosures are only shown for reference.


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