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FS: SB Acoustics Ara cabinets (satin white)


2009-08-27 10:40 am
Looking to sell my SB Acoustics Ara cabinets in satin white. Cabinets are sitting in their box untouched at the moment.
Selling because delivery of the cabinets took 3 months and in the meantime my plans have changed.

The cabinets come with the bass reflex port and insert nuts for drivers installed. The following parts are also included:

  • Hex socket screws 4x20mm (for drivers)
  • Countersunk screws 4x20mm (for terminal plate)
  • Wood screws 4x16mm (for crossover)
  • Stainless steel terminal plate
  • Binding posts (black and red)
  • Seal gasket for terminal plate
  • Name plate
  • Grills for tweeters and woofers
  • Damping material

Looking for 450AUD/275USD + shipping
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