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FS: Saba Green Cone AlNiCo, 8"+4" pair

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Dear Mates,

I am selling 4 vintage loudspeakers made by Saba, two 8” full range, and two 4” tweeters. Actually I would classify the 8” as an extended (towards upper range) midbass, and the 4” as an
extended (towards lower range) tweeter. I bought 8 of them two years ago, but I had only used 4 of them. See pictures of the units on selling here:


As you can see the units are in very good conditions, they work 100%.

Price: 80 euros + shipping from Italy.

Those interested can post me a private message and I will try to answer as soon as possible.


These speakers are famous for their mellow tone and incredible dynamic. I use the other 4 units in a U-frame speaker. Usually it is suggested to run the 8” in open baffle, but after many experiments I ended up using the 8” and 4” in a U-box. In my setup they are actively high-passed at 100Hz with a digital 48dB/Oct LR crossover, I like deep bass and low distortion overall.

You can't pretend that these babies can reproduce frequency below 60Hz linearly. I can listen to pop-rock up to to 97dB SPL (fast unweighted average) at 2 meters in my 18 cubic meters room without any stress... that SPL figure is damn loud! In fact, with average pop-rock recordings that means 110dB peak levels at listening position, which is a lot! By the way, greencones are pretty efficient, so you don't need too much power especially if don't let them play the lowest notes.

Going back to sound. Even though they don't have the most linear response, I can confirm that thy sound very good. The most impressing feature of their sound is the easyness with which they follow the program material. That reminds me the concept of liquidity, a constant flow of music. My explanation is that every loudspeaker compresses when it it comes to reproduce real-world music signals at decent SPL, it may be that when the SABAs compress they do it better! The same reason why tubes sound better than SS devices, even if the latter measure better.

Best Regards
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.