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FS: S&B TX-102 transformers + Seiden switch

FS: S&B TX-102 transformers + Seiden switch

For sale: A pair of the famous Stevens & Billington TX-102 transformers for magnetic volume control. Included in the deal is a 21-position stereo rotary switch (Seiden). Add a source selector switch, some RCA-jacks, a case and some cabling and you got yourself a truly high performance passive attenuator.

Totally unused pair. I just don't have the free time to make the power amplifier I was going to use these with. It's a shame to part with these, but it's no sense keeping them unused on the shelf when somebody else could be putting them into good use.

Price: 400 euros (+ shipping from Finland) for 2 transformers and the rotary switch. Payment can be made either via Paypal or using a bank transfer.

If you're interested contact me at markus.metsala(AT)helsinki.fi