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[FS] Rike audio S-cap custom capacitor 22uf / 630v [6pcs]


2009-02-15 3:46 pm
I am selling my RIKE AUDIO S-CAP aluminum foil capacitor, silver leadouts.
they were built 3years ago and i purchased them directly from RIKE AUDIO.

I have used them in my crossover with excellent results outperforming Mundorf MCAP, SUPREME and many other.

RIKE manufactured these special caps for PSU of their 380kEUR EDZARD tube amplifier.

I've got 6 pcs, each with ~23uF value (measured), one of the capacitors has broken soldering pin that was resoldered with oyaide hook up wire.

I would like to sell all caps in one lot for 500EUR total.

You will not buy better caps for crossover for triple that price.