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FS: Ridiculously nice baffles for OB speaker for local pickup in Los Angeles, $80


I have a pair of REALLY finely made open baffles, made for an 8" full-range driver (he was using Fertins), that I picked these up from a local gentleman July of last year, and switched direction (yet again) without ever using them.

There are hinges on the back of the baffle for legs which support it and tilt it a bit back (maybe 5 degrees).

I'm asking $80 for the pair. I'm located in Eagle Rock, 90041.

Here's the original description I received:

Dimensions: 33.5" x 50" , made with two 3/4" layered birch ply(front and back). A center layer has strips of 1/2" ply, and is packed with fine sand. Each baffle weighs about 90lbs without the drivers.

much thanks,
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