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FS: Raw drivers - woofers, tweeters


2002-05-20 6:57 pm
Selling the following drivers:

( 1 pair ) of North Creek D28-S-06 tweeters. New, NOS. In original box, never used. Mint.
Asking $ 235/pair

( 4 ) Aerial Acoustics 7.2" woofers from Model 9 speakers. They are all dead. DC output from amp killed all 4. 2 cones move freely, 2 are frozen. These are special wound voice coils at 16 ohms each, made in Denmark. Aerial sells them for ~ $ 300+ each. Maybe someone can work these into passive radiators or redo voice coils. Asking $ 75 for all 4 together.

(1) Audax /Polydax HD 12x9D25. Dome tweeter. These are used in Spica Angelus and other models. Round front face/flange. Flange has some marks/smudges, not perfect. Works nicely, sounds great. $ 75.

Legacy Audio (the High end company, not the cheap Legacy car audio) drivers:
1 - titanium dome tweeter with crossover on rear of housing
1 - Poly cone woofer with rubber surround - made in Germany ( Eton , I thnk ?) - approx 6.5" - 7" diameter. $ 45 / each

PM me for pictures and I can email descent resolution pics.