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FS: Premium wood horns and drivers

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SOLD: Premium wood horns and drivers


Looks like my current speakers are keepers, so these are on the block.

TAD 2001 drivers with beryllium diaphragms. The diaphragms were installed by the previous owner as new, and were fed on a steady diet of flea-powered tube wattage thereafter. These have never been abused.

Jeffrey Jackson's gorgeous 600LC Elevenhorns (600hz). Beautifully crafted wood horns with a Le Cleach profile, these are a foot in diameter and custom fitted for the TAD drivers.

My plan was to build a two-way system with petite onkens on the bottom end, but I took a different course.

I'd like $2200 for the whole setup and I will ship them anywhere on this planet - buyer pays shipping.

Here's a craptastic photo - I'm having trouble loading pics right now... (Note: I would not recommend the Dixielander bins for this application! :))



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These were supplanted before ever being properly implemented, but only because I changed course entirely due to "non-audio" priorities... My listening area is shared family space, and things needed to be less obtrusive overall - I've ended up with full range drivers in a much smaller box.
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Someone asked me via PM if I would be willing to separate these items. I'll consider it, but would like to give the "set" a little more time.

That said, drop me a message if you're interested in the horns or drivers separately...

Redboy - where are you located?
Don't need the TADs but I'm tempted by the horns. I've got some of the older Sierra Brooks tractrix wood horns and wonder how the LeCleach profile horns compare.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.