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FS: Prebuilt Bigbottle MM/MC phonostage PCB

Hi All,

I built this to get it tested prior to the GB that's currently gathering pace.

I wanted to make sure everything was ok after having the layout redone by our very own Craigtone.

All the caps in the signal path are Vishay (2x wima as I had them) and they are matched for exact values, as are the resistors. The two green caps are my "must have" from the capacitor world and were extra cost. I will leave them in for the sale.

Everything has gone as expected (never in doubt) and I have no use of this PCB as I have a fully functioning Bigbottle phonostage currently playing!

All that's required is a suitable case, transformer and some valves and you are good to go.

Transformer can be had from Audiophonics.fr, for around €30 but be prepared to wait for 2 months for it to arrive lol.

2x PCC88's and 1x ECC85, A case for about £50-70 and other than a few rca sockets etc, you could have this up and running for around £400 total.

Which for a valve phonostage of this quality, is super cheap.

I'd like to get as close to £200 for it as possible. That's about what I have spent on it.

Postage in the UK is likely to be about £10, EU £15 and the USA about £20

If I'm offered the asking price I'll do free shipping. Nice aren't I ;)

20200227_183051.jpg 20200227_183053.jpg 20200227_183056.jpg 20200227_183100.jpg 20200227_183104.jpg