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FS: power transformers

Have a number of good power transformers pulled from scrapped out amps and receivers. If interested, will sell cheap. Lansing Michigan if picking up or would ship via USPS.

Good for SS project amp.

From kenwood KR794 - 70w/ch amp
47-21-0-21-47vAC and 2-0-2vAC windings

Bando ETP1200-64JAJ, not sure what receiver it is from. Has a small DC supply board with it, the main rails at 53vDC
20-0-20vAC and 40-0-40vAC and 2.5-0-2.5vAC windings

Pioneer XTS3058 from VSXD711 receiver
50-28-0-28-50vAC, 16-0-16vAC, 4v, 10v windings

Fisher CA272 receiver transformer 100w/channel amp
Haven't measured the voltages yet.