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FS: Plitron MedicalIsolation Transformer 750VA

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FS: Plitron Medical Isolation Transformer 750VA

Hi guys,
Here is my Plitron Medical Isolation transformer for sale. Asking price CA$135, buyer pays for shipping. I'll accept PayPal only, or local pickup (Vancouver, BC). Considering the shipping costs, the unit weights 8kg, I'll say that the reasonable shipping is to Canada and USA only.

It's a 750VA, 2x115V/2x115V with thermal protection, magnetic shielding, earth conductor, and very low leakage current (19uA). You can read more on this page:
Medical Grade Isolation | Plitron
Look for type I, part number 6125-V2-00

I used this transformer as an isolation device in my stereo system. It was at fraction of the cost compared to the Plitron finished isolation units, still I paid 300$+taxes+shipping. It did great job in standard unbalanced AC power configuration, I have never tried balanced AC power connection from the secondaries, but it is possible.
The transformer comes in the cosmetic condition seen on the pictures (like new) and is in perfect working order. Mounting hardware is included. I removed it from "service" only because I'm trying to downgrade my stereo. It can be used as a regular transformer as well, for some very powerful amplifier :) For example, you can use the 220V primary on a 115V grid, thus you have 2x60VAC from the secondaries.

Anyone interested, please send me a private message.


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Hello. My name is Robert. I am a Chiropractor in the Czech republic, Central Europe. I am also a Canadian citizen. I lived in Toronto for 25 years. I moved to Europe 10 years ago because of my wife. I have a DRX9000 decompression machine at my clinic and it uses this same Plitron transformer. There was a recent thunderstorm here and it damaged my transformer. I hope you still have it for sale, but you need to find out a shipping cost for me. My address is OKRUZNI 1924, SENOV, POSTAL 739 34 , CZECH REPUBLIC. MY email address is rdfiorellino@yahoo.com Skype: robert fiorellino Please let me know. Thank you.
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