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FS: Pass FirstWatt F5 assembled PCBs

I have for sale:
F5 assembled PCBs.
The PCBs are from ebay.
I bought the matched transistor kit from h_a (2xJ74Bl, 2xK170Bl, 2xIRFP240, 2xIRFP920), 2xZTX450, 2xZTX550.
Resistors: Dale RN55D,
Feedback resistors: Dale CPF 3; 0.5%
The PCBs are never tested.
I reinforced the traces with solid silver wires from tho drains of the IRFPs to the feedback resistors.
Dimensions: 32.5 x 297 mm

I will let go all for 80€, worldwide shipping is possible . Payment via paypal.
I'm looking for Pearl2 PCBs and parts, change is possible.

Best Regards,



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