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FS: Paradise Phono PCB Set

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Hi. For Sale a complete kit of PCB to build the Paradise Phono. Kit includes 2 paradise phone pcb (one per channel), the pre-reg power supply with CLC pre-filter and the CRC capacitor filter banks. This is my own pcb design based on the official Paradise design. I know it works because I built it! The Pre-reg pcb contains the dual transformers, dual discrete rectifiers and clc filter (one for both channel), then this raw +/- voltage goes to the CRC filter pcb, and then to each Paradise pcb. The Paradise pcb has built-in fancy discrete shunt regulator. Check my own phono preamp built.

Kit will comes with schematics and detailled BOM. Take note that you need to match a lot of transistors for the Paradise and this kit is not for beginners.

Total 85U$, set of 4 pcb with complete schematics and BOM...
Send me an email if interested...

Thanks for looking.


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Hi. Total for Both Phono pcb were 250$CAN, pre-reg is 90$, CRC Filter 24$ + you choice of chassis, connectors... Not that expensive... The cost of the phono pcb may vary depending on how many transistor you buy to match, how many do you match, and how crazy are you with your matching... I used a simple DVM HFE mode to match. It is explained into the Paradise thread, and I'll include the info with the kit...
For those interested, I sent you an email, please respond. A few sets still available.

It seems that a lot of members are located in the UK. It may be cheaper for me to send all the UK kits to one person over there, that can then distribute them in the UK.

Some members already express their interest to distribute the boards. Let me know if it is ok for you to have a third party involve into the UK distribution.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.