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FS: Pair Volt DVC250.1 Woofers

Having decided to change direction with my speaker designs I now have some spare drivers, so:

For sale a pair of Volt 10" DVC250.1 8Ohm dual voice coil Woofers designed for reflex cabinet use.

They're out of production now so here are the T/S parameters suggested by Volt harvested from the driver's datapages using the wayback machine:

Fs 26Hz

Re 5.9 ohms

Qa 2.45

Qe 0.21

Qt 0.19

Vas 94l

Xmax 5.5mm

Sd 288cm2

Vd 158cm3

Le 1.2mH

Unused and boxed
For the pair: £200 + postage.
Each: £125 + postage.

Happy to ship worldwide


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