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FS: PAIR -- Usher Audio 8955A woofers -- CP-8571 -- CP-8851 -- NH, USA

$200 shipped to New England
Other areas might be higher
Opened to look at them
One box has a tear
87.4 dB and 88 dB


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I had the ScanSpeak version of this driver in a 3-way for a long time
I actually had a choice between 2 SS 8555 or 4 Usher 8955, if I remember correctly
I went with SS
Kind of a mistake
The Usher's look as good or better and have a bigger magnet
SB has low BL
CSD looks to be pretty bad for the mids at least
I was listening to SB15MFC-08 today and they sounded good, but a little slow
Not sure if the CSD graph got to my head

If I had the room I would go with JBL 2226 for low end
Or two 8955 per side also a great choice