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FS: Pair of Philips 4800M (AKA: 4877M, 8050/M5) 8" Full Range


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2012-11-28 4:58 am
Central Florida
For sale are a pair of Philips/Norelco 4877M Speakers.

These are the "DeLuxe" version of Philips' AD 4800M, with a hammered finish basket, "Ticonal-7" magnet, color-coded binding posts, and magnet cover. Look here and here for details about he driver and the deluxe features of this Norelco model.

The drivers are in perfect condition, and work flawlessly. One driver has a smudge of glue on the cone from the factory (See the close-up pic).

I'm asking $250 for the pair, plus shipping. Pairs of 4800M regularly go for $400 on eBay. If you believe the price is off, PM me your offers.

I will ship anywhere.


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