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FS: Pair of Hawthorn Silver Iris Augies 15" Woofers OB

I originally bought these woofers about 8 months ago and have used them in a prototype Open Baffle speaker system. I have since built a single driver horn speaker that I am using instead and therefore no longer need these woofers. They are in like new condition.

The following specifications are from the Hawthorne Audio website, the builders of these woofers.


Power handling: 225 watts RMS.

Impedance: 8 Ohms

SPL: 88.7 dB 1w/1m

Le: 0.81

Re: 5.69 Ohms

Qt: 0.92

Vas: 250.3 liters

Xmax: 7.15 mm

Fs: 27.0 Hz

Magnet weight: 67ounces

The woofers will be packed in their original boxes, which will then be placed inside a shipping box, to mitigate the chance of damage.

$230 plus shipping via UPS (only). Email for shipping quote.



2007-01-12 6:01 pm
I'm really interested in these drivers - are they still for sale? Would you be prepared to ship them to the UK?

Oh hang on, have I made a mistake? Are these the bass extension drivers you are selling and not the full range units - it's the full range units I am after?