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FS: Pair of EV 1829 Phenolic horn drivers with new OEM EV Diaphragms

For sale: Pair of 1960s vintage EV 1829 horn drivers.

These are the "compound" drivers, that could be used on a paging horn, or by capping off the backside (the screw-on caps are included with these), as a normal horn driver. 1" (1 3/8" thread) screw-on throats.

These have brand new EV OEM diaphragms installed, and work perfectly. Tested briefly in a pair of 1970s Klipschorns, for proper function- and sounded great in there (in fact, they sounded pretty similar to the K55Vs that were stock to the cabinets).

Response range from about 150-11000 Hz. Yes, no kidding- these things can handle 150Hz, on the right horn, at 60 watts input, with an output level of over 126dB in the mid-band, before damage. About 110-111dB/1w/1m in the midband.

$140 for the pair, plus shipping. If you want about the most indestructible 1" horn driver ever, that still sounds damn good in the mids, this is it.

I don't have Paypal- I usually work with USPS postal money orders. US shipping only.



If anyone wanted to make a "talk-box" for their guitar amp (a la Peter Framption)- these are one of the IDEAL drivers for that. They're very suited for that kind of use.




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