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FS: pair Accuton Cell C90-6-274 5" ceramic midrange


2009-07-12 12:38 am
2 x Accuton Cell C90-6-724 5" ceramic midrange.

Mint condition, very light use.

Steel grille *behind* cone has been removed and replace with damping material. All other parts (bezel ring, front grille) intact.

Asking $800 for the pair + shipping.

Location New York, USA


2009-07-12 12:38 am
photos. the dark ring on the back of the magnet is a rubber gasket, can be easily removed if necessary.


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2009-07-12 12:38 am
They were to be mid-range in a minimal dipole speaker. Turns out the donut-shaped magnet and radially spaced vents make for a strange and unusable polar pattern when used on a narrow open baffle. I thought the opposite would be true. In a well-damped sealed enclosure they are excellent.